YEPREM - Packaging - Corporate Identity - Campaign

Yeprem international - Packaging - Campaign - Photo-shooting

The task

The Brief

Yeprem is a worldwide jewelry store known as the house of jewelry. The client approached us for change and to take a step away from the traditional work into the modern world. We were also approached to campaign their latest collection.

The Solution:

First, we started by transforming their old packaging into a new modern one. We discussed the layers and the type of packaging the client wanted to use then we moved toward the creative part of designing what the package shall look like.

In the meantime, we were planning the 2018 Qatar campaign. There we designed the arrangement and display of Yeprem’s collection on the stand to attract the target audience visiting. In addition to that, we handled the photo shooting and marketing of the brand.

The Result:

Today, Yeprem is known worldwide for its fine jewelry and creative designs. Our work was prosperous and resulted in the success of the brand.


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