Pastel Paint Brand Identity - Branding - Launching new products

client Pastel Paint - Launching new product - Branding - Marketing Campaigns

The task

The Brief

Pastel Paint had been around the Lebanese market since 1988 when owner Elia Harfouche opened their current factory in Mazraat Yachouh. It was now time for the brand to keep up with the modern world and the changing consumer behaviors, so we were tasked to create a new identity and the visual direction. This task also included branding for the new products and refurbishing the old ones to reposition the brand in the market.


The Solution:

To make sure we create the best identity that suits the brand’s core message and at the same time attract the younger generations, we started our work with extensive market and competitor research to understand the brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Keeping in our mind the brand essence, we created the identity and set the marketing plan. The new identity and direction look and feel was rolled out to every new product.


The Result:

The brand was reborn in a way that met all the objectives and the client’s expectations, and at the same time the modern world guidelines. And we achieved our main target of repositioning the brand as a market leader.


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