Jersey Group TVC - Animation - 3D Modeling

client Jersey Qatar Services, TVC, Marketing, Social Media Handeling, 3D Modeling, Animation, cinema 4D

The task

The Brief

Since its beginning in 1995, Jersey Group had one vision, which is to become the leader in the construction market in Qatar and to provide the most reliable engineering solutions in the global market. Over the past two decades, the company evolved from being an equipment and product supplier to a complete solution provider, significantly contributing to the progressive growth of the nation, so we were tasked to create an advertising campaign that highlights the company’s wide range of services in one video.


The Solution:

When competing internationally, with both local and international companies competing to lead the market, you can’t create something small. The easy solution was to shoot a live video, but that wouldn’t have made the same impact as what we did. We took the brief to a whole new level, and just like Jersey Group, we aimed higher. The decision was to create a video where we mix 3D animation with live video. The 3D animation will give us a new modern perspective that highlights more details, and at the same time, attracts the audience.  We worked closely on casting and took into consideration every detail.

The Result:

The mix between 3D animation and the live video proved to be successful! The client was satisfied because the video helped to increase brand recognition, service awareness, and sales.


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