FAKRA - Brand Identity - Marketing - Rebranding

client Fakra Services, rebranding , launching new product , marketing

The task

The Brief

Who doesn’t know Fakra? This authentic Lebanese brand produces the finest wine in the region. Fakra, has been a success since it was launched in the region, but now it had to appeal to the new generation that is always looking towards the international brands. The brand was looking to widen its reach and increase its market share, especially among the new generation throughout Lebanon.


The Solution:

Our task was clear: attract a new audience by rebranding the products! To do so effectively, we dived into in-depth research focusing on the consumers' behaviors and habits of our target audience.

The insights became the starting point of our strategy as it was clear to us that to appeal to new consumers, you have to look better. We started by diving into the meaning of each color and the psychology behind it to try and get into our target audience mind. From there, the project picked up, and we moved into styling and creating the design.


The Result:

As expected, the designs came out eye-catching! We presented to the client our final product and explained the process we followed to come up with this design. He was fascinated by the work, some of the products were launched, and we keep on supporting with the design of the new products.


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