ROSSONERO - Branding - Marketing - Campaigns

client Rossonero Services, Rebranding, Marketing, Social Media Handeling - campaigns

The task

The Brief

Rosonero is an elite jewelry store owned by Mr Michael Zogheib. We were approached by the client to plan more than 30 organized campaigns and more than six catalogues showing the fine collection of Rosonero.

The Solution:

To plan and organize a successful campaign that would leave a mark regarding Rosonero’s fine jewelry, we climbed the ladder one step at a time. First, we researched and introduced ourselves very well to the type of jewelry the client manufactures. Then, we searched thoroughly to find our ultimate target audience and planned the campaign accordingly.

Regarding the catalogues showing the collection of Rosonero, we used a clear demonstration for the consumer to realize all the details. All jewelry drawings were made by 3D-Modeling.

The Result:

The fame and name of Rosonero speak for themselves about the success of the work we have done with this client. Today, and after seven years of cooperation and planning campaigns, Rosonero is known worldwide and is known as the King of Diamonds and is presented on famous faces nationally and internationally. 


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