client Poule Dor - Concept creation - Branding - Marketing - Franchise Planning

The task

The Brief

Poule D’or is now one of Lebanon’s most known restaurants that serve delicious food that satisfies every craving. The F&B market in Lebanon has many players and new ones entering the market now and then. The brand needed to create an identity to attract the consumer, appeal to the modern generations and appeal to all audiences. The required included creating the concept from scratch, working on the interior decoration, putting the marketing strategy, and building the social media presence and website.


The Solution:

Starting with the competitors' research, we looked at the market and the main restaurants; to develop the visual identity to the interior experience and tone of voice. We came up with a logo that reflects a modern yet authentic brand image. And we created a strategy that will help the brand attract and transform the audience into consumers. We later went on to support their yearly marketing calendar and optimize their social media presence.


The Result:

It was a success! The brand attracted all the target audience with our fresh and up-to-date concepts and style. The strategy and concept helped the brand expand and open 9 different branches in Lebanon and extend its dominance in the F&B industry into Egypt and soon in KSA. With the interactive and engaging social media presence, Poule D’or success will keep on growing.


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