12 Burger - Branding - Concept - Design - Franchise guidline

Client: Riyadh - rebranding - packaging - marketing - social media

The task

The Brief

With more than six branches in AL Riyadh-KSA, 12 burger is a franchise brand with equity and credibility. Our mission was to recreate the whole brand of the chain of restaurants, enhance its stationery so it’s more appealing to customers and push its social media direction towards the love of browsers.

The Solution:

Our goals were centred on increasing brand awareness and brand love. We started the plan by changing the old restaurant's logo into a new attractive, modern and new generation attention-grabbing one. After that, we moved to the critical level which is rebranding and creating a new identity that looks nothing like that of the competitors.

The stationery of the restaurant was transformed from ordinary to cosy, youth-oriented and fresh in style. The last step was to change the direction of the social media accounts into an attractive design frame. We chose colors with energy within and generated attractive content.

The Result:

In a short period, and after all the transformation the restaurant has undergone, 12 burger was a love brand to all those who crave burgers and cosy ambiances.


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