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The task

The Brief

Shakkel is a Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh that opened in Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road with the concept of serving healthy food. We were approached to recreate the whole branding of the restaurant, change its design, and promote to its target audience, people who are on a diet and visit the gym regularly.

The Solution:

For the restaurant's design, our interior design team scanned the restaurant's area and transformed it into a place where the customer can have the best dining experience. After that, we moved to rebranding, where our team of designers and hardworking marketers changed the menu design, the packaging and labeling, and the organization of the food served to the customer to show the fresh and appetizing image of the meals. Our team of designers, social media managers and F&B expert marketers weekly and monthly planned the restaurant's approach on its social media accounts. We changed the way they presented their content and their tone of voice. Our target audience was people who prefer to pass by and take a healthy meal on their way to the gym. At that point, we came up with the idea of a fridge including ready-made meals that customers can grab and go and save their time.

The Result:

Shakkel restaurant was transformed into a modern restaurant that attracts the younger generation and follows their fast lifestyle. People were coming through its doors and ordering its food around the clock. It was a success story!


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