client Orca - Rebranding - Social media - Campaigns

The task

The Brief

Orca is a Lebanese fashion store, which used to target the middle-class audience and wanted to change the level of its market presence. The client approached us for a plan to increase their fame in the Lebanese and international market through television commercials.  

The Solution:

To achieve the goal and vision placed in front of us, we wanted to start right. We shared ideas and briefs with the client to achieve the ideas he was looking for and started the creative content writing. Each commercial aimed to show the elegance of the products in the store in cooperation with different famous faces that people on the TV love and appreciate.

More than four commercials were shot, showing the store’s luxury from different angles.

The Result:

The store was able to target the audience he was aiming for, the level of the brand’s image was increased and taken to another level.  Today, Orca is well known among high-class audiences, but it has different branches locally and in other countries such as Dubai.


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