client Al Makhazen - New Line Branding - New Direction

The task

The Brief

Al Makhazen is one of the biggest and oldest supermarket chains in Lebanon, with 44 branches. Competing in a market that is always growing, with many brands – local and international – trying to lead the market. Al Makhazen is a Lebanese homegrown brand and one of the biggest market players. Their strength is in their availability in almost every area in Lebanon, to reach more consumers.

When they first approached us, they wanted us to produce all print adverts from flyers and labels to a complete marketing plan and branding.


The Solution:

We started with in-depth research, going over the brand’s main competitors, global competitors and industry success stories. The valuable insights were the base upon which we developed the brand, marketing and digital strategies – the building blocks for better visual identity and strong, relatable and responsive brand that will become its target audience’s top of mind go-to supermarket.

 We used modern techniques to create all the artwork, and the colors selected gave the brand a fresh and vibrant new look. The revamped identity was then rolled out on all private labels and products found in house.


The Result:

It’s a success story that we are proud of! All the hard work and dedication towards the success of this project helped in repositioning the brand and increased brand recognition by attracting new consumers.


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