DIMEX - TVC - 3D Modeling - Animation

client SADA Group, Services TVC 3D Animation Concept design

The task

The Brief

Dimex homecare provides cleaning supplies, and its product categories cover disinfection products, cleaning products and household care products. At that time, Dimex brand products weren’t available in the Lebanese market. We had to create an advertising campaign before they expand to Lebanon.

The Solution:

When entering a new market, it's either a hit or a miss. You have to attract the audience so that you help the brand gain consideration and awareness. Because we believe that research is always the main starting point towards coming up with great ideas, we made a competitor’s research and market analysis to find insights that will help us finalize this project.

Going with a traditional video is something that everybody else is doing, so it was not an option. We went with a more attractive option and created the video using drawings and animation.

The Result:

The video; reflected in every interaction the brand’s products, services, and how it can benefit the consumer. The client was happy with the final product and decided to air the video in Tunisia and expanded to the Lebanese market, where Dimex now is a well-known brand.


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