BONITA - Branding - Brand Identity

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The task

The Brief

Bonita is a Lebanese canned food brand that was already found in the market but wasn’t known by all the Lebanese people or in other countries. Our challenge was to widen the brand's reach and increase its market share by creating a new brand identity.

The Solution:

Our goal was clear, to create a brand identity that would communicate the customer's needs and grab their attention towards our brand. First, we started by changing the brand's logo to a modern one as it is the first thing to catch the customer's eyes and leaves the strongest first impression. After that, we came up with a new identity and worked on rebranding the products to give them an identity different from that of the competitors.

The Result:

The results were great; the client liked everything and was happy about what the brand has achieved. Bonita reached more brand recognition on the Lebanese supermarket shelves, and the percentage of purchases increased in the Lebanese market.


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