CHKN.CO – Concept, Branding , Marketing

Client, Services Branding & Design, Industry Restaurant, Created 2018,

The task

The Brief

The challenge was opening a new fast food restaurant within a crowded market with national and international competition.  To attract a new audience and stand out from the rest, we had to create a unique identity and concept. At the same time, we need to work on a clear direction to make it successful and attractive enough to achieve the client's goal of forming a franchise unit for this restaurant.

The Solution:

In cooperation with our hard-working team, operations and F&B consultants, a consultant chef, an interior designer, and contractors we came up with a complete plan for the brand creation of restaurant. The plan included brand and marketing strategy, naming, logo and identity creation, menu engineering, packaging, visual experience, social media, and food photography.

In addition to that, we built a website that is user friendly, where browsers can find all the information needed about the restaurant.

The Result:

The results were as expected and more, in a short period of time the restaurant was popular and the favorite chicken place to all the locals. People were engaging with the restaurant and recommending it on social media.


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